4 Essential Steps to Take Before Moving Into Your Pre-Constructed Home

First home jitters is a feeling that you’ll never forget because of how special it all is. From the signing of the papers to the viewing of the property, time certainly flies when it comes to getting your first home after dreaming about the opportunity for so long. 

If you’ve purchased a new pre-constructed condominium (or any other pre-constructed home) as the first home you’re moving into, however, there are some things that you’ll have to remember. 

Don’t be that person who jumps the gun and immediately regrets it, because that’s exactly what many new homeowners do. Years down the line, they keep kicking themselves for not doing their due diligence on the property before moving in. Here’s what you should be looking out for when you’re about to move in so that the whole transition process goes smoothly: 


Settle your final deposit!

Many new homeowners suffer when they forget to pay their final deposit. Could you imagine lugging all your stuff with a moving truck and bringing it up to the unit only to be told that you can’t move in yet because you haven’t settled your final payment? Before you move in, make sure that you’ve paid all your payables to make sure that you can finally enjoy your home without the risk of having your move-in delayed any further.


Know when you should move in deposit!

Before you rush into your new unit with all your belongings and your hopes of starting anew, make sure that you’re allowed to be there in the first place. Without a necessary permit for you to move in, the builder of your pre-constructed home won’t be able to let you stay in without having someone to inspect the entire space first from top to bottom. Moving in at the wrong time can result in more costs and logistical nightmares, so it’s best to be on standby until your builder secures the necessary permits.


Make sure the utilities are in check

Nothing makes for a more terrible experience than staying in a place where all your utilities are shot and you’ll have to live off of candlelights, a handheld fan, and no shower. Most pre-construction homes will require extensive testing to ensure that you can enjoy your utilities in peace without any constant hiccups due to improperly-laid out home mapping. To avoid the hassle of living without essential utilities, ask your builder to run a full test to see if everything’s working right; when in doubt, bring in an expert to get a second opinion.


Ensure that the rest of your building is finished being built

When moving into a building that’s been newly-built, there might be a risk of having to deal with ongoing construction for the finishing touches after you’ve settled down. This means that you’ll have to endure constant jackhammer noises, screeching saw sounds, and hammers banging away early in the morning. If you aren’t up for the challenge, ensure that the whole building (for pre-constructed condominiums) is fully completed before your move-in date.

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