Selling Your Home

Selling your home today is very different from how it was only a few years ago. It is much more than just a sign in the ground and a newspaper listing.

Marketing your home to the right people, in the right area at the right time are all but a few factors to consider. We love real estate, but more importantly the people we get to work with along the way.

We can not wait to start working with you to effectively market your home and build a life long relationship. If you have any questions about how you can effectively sell and market your house, we love hearing from you – just contact us today!

Chances are if you’re looking at selling your house, you will likely need to purchase a home too! Head on over to our buying page for a full detailed guide on what to expect when purchasing a home and how we can help.

selling in


& Research

We will tour your home and give our insights on what will help your sale. We will discuss the process and develop the initial marketing strategies, from
pre-listing to listing, to sold.


We will discuss the value of your home, review the timeline, sign
documents and enter into contract. If any further details are required before listing; such as staging, renovations, etc., arrangements will be made at this time.


All of our marketing materials are prepared. From photography to lock boxes on your home, we make sure everything is ready for launch day.

Launch Day

It’s time! Your home’s profile will be posted online and across a variety of different brokerage websites, our website, social media and more! Any and
all marketing materials agreed upon will be rolled out at this time.


Consistent exposure of your home is maintained across all marketing platforms. We will frequently review all of our paid advertisements for potential buyers, and buyer leads will be contacted daily.

Sales Agreement

Once an offer has been made, we will collectively review all terms and conditions and respond as needed.


Your buyer will likely hire an inspector to review your home. The inspector is likely to recommend repairs or upgrades to your home and we will
negotiate on your behalf.


The buyer’s loan is underwritten and appraisal is performed. All of the buyers documentation is verified and we will wait for approval


At this stage the lender’s requirements have been met and the documents have been ordered. Closing has been scheduled. We will review the figures and the buyer has a final walkthrough of your home usually 24-48 hours prior to closing.


The last step! Documents are signed, keys are exchanged and proceeds received. You may cancel your utilities and insurance, and your sign is
removed from the property.
We are there to help after the sale of your home – whenever you need us!

marketing your property

is our success

Your property is unique, after all you bought it because it fit your goals and your lifestyle. However, things change and there comes a time where you may have to move for whatever reason.

Our goal is to get to know you and your home to effectively market it across a range of different mediums. Every home is different, and capturing those differences and showcasing them to the correct audience is where we come in.

Our proven approach will position your home to the right buyers to ensure a timely and smooth transition into the next chapter of your life.


Selling your property can be stressful, time consuming, and challenging. Making sure you work with the right team who has your best interests in mind and will do the required work is important, not to mention makes your life a lot easier.

We continue to provide a smooth and seamless experience throughout your listing while making sure you are always well informed. We will work with you and explain everything to ensure your property is ready before it hits the market.

Once your property is live, we will continue to monitor it on a daily basis and provide you with any feedback we receive throughout viewings


We all know real estate has changed dramatically and potential buyers want information that is quick and easy. Many prospective buyers are looking at several properties a day. Which poses a challenge to make one particular property stand out.

Professional videography allows exactly for that to happen! The video will provide potential buyers with an experience that will leave them feeling like they’ve already come to know and love the property before even seeing it in person. All of our listings include a professional video that is strategically positioned to audiences in order to maximize your property’s exposure

“Your home should tell the

story of who you are, and be a

collection of what you love.”


A first impression sets the tone for everything else to follow, including how potential buyers see your home before they actually view it. Captivating and immersive photography is important for showing your home in the best light!

Most buyers start their home search online, meaning we have to grab their attention right away. The first thing they are going to look at are the photos of your home. Making sure your property stands out among all the others starts with great photography! The best camera and the best gear are used to produce ultra high quality photos that are optimized for web and print.


Digital advertising continues to grow at such a rapid pace with new technologies coming to light on a regular basis. Currently, online advertising accounts for 45 percent of where buyers find their home. This is a huge market that can be analyzed, measured, tracked and feedback can be taken from. Every property is strategically positioned across all social media channels including the major ones such as Facebook and Instagram. A unique marketing strategy is developed based on the expected timeline from exclusive to listed to sold. The marketing strategy includes targeted ads based on geographic region,
demographics and more.

The Network

When it comes to selling your home, there is an optimal window for as many people to see your property as quickly as possible. The first 30 days to selling your home are crucial.

Capitalizing on this and maximizing it by providing it to our extensive database of clients, agents, and more will allow us to do just that.

EXP has 40,000 agents and counting! All who connect through a virtual office. EXP continues to rapidly grow, trading on the NASDAQ and surpassing the $1 billion dollar market cap. Connecting agents virtually across Canada and the United States, EXP is the future of real estate.

4 factors that
affect the

Saleability of
Your Home


Price Point

Pricing your home for the current market is important for maximum exposure
and ultimately, a satisfactory sale. Factors that determine a property’s value can include; location, design, amenities, competing properties, and economic conditions. Factors that have little to no influence; price the seller originally paid and amount spent on improvements.

Market Conditions

The real estate market is always fluctuating, and as your team we will be able to
discuss the pros and cons of listing during varied market conditions.



Property Condition

The condition of your property will have a lot to do with the selling price and how
quickly it will sell. If there are repairs needed, or if professional staging is required,
We will be there to assist, offer guidance and a reliable network

Market Exposure

We will focus on what we will be able to control – market exposure and negotiating offers. We aim to get the most qualified buyers into your home, in the least amount of time, with minimal inconvenience. With a comprehensive marketing plan, your home will get noticed in any market.



Deal Succesfully

Disclose everything. Be proactive to disclose all known defects to buyers – avoid legal problems after.

Remember your priorities, but also respect the buyer, as this will be their next home and they are nervous about the unknowns.

Ask all of your questions. Offers may include complicated terminology, which can be clarified for you.

Respond quickly. The mood for the buyer is to buy exactly when the offer is made – don’t delay.

Meet halfway if there are disagreements about small expenses – split the difference and move on.

Stay calm, even if the situation is tense.


Right Buyer

make the deal happen.

how to make
your home

Show Ready
in 1hour

  • Make the beds
  • Grab a basket and put personal items of clutter in your car
  • Make sure the bathroom towels are clean, straightened and match
  • Wipe down toilets and put the lids down
  • Wipe down all counter tops and sinks
  • Open all blinds and turn on all lights in the house
  • Make sure the house temperature is comfortable
  • Make sure the house smells good, but don’t over do the air freshener
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas and sweep all surfaces
  • Clean all mirrors
  • Sweep the front doorway and wipe off the ma

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We had one of the best experiences with our real estate need with Babar . He was really helpfully in finding us our desired location for our store during our last minute commercial lease . He worked really hard to show us all potential option as per our needs and that was really helpful in making our desired choice . Thank you so much Babar for all help !!

Abishek Soni

Babar is an amazing realtor! He helped us find a house in this hot market and at a great price. He was very responsive and answered all our questions and provided great advice throughout. I would definitely recommend him to anybody.

Samir Feta

My experience with Babar Muhammad was truly a 5/5 experience. He was incredibly accommodating with my very busy and irregular schedule. Just a quick text or phone call away and there for you every step of the way. He takes the stress out of the process of purchasing a home with his level of knowledge and expertise in the industry. A personable man too. Very easy to get along with.

Beverly Hernandez


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