Navigating Open House Etiquette: Tips from Lion Crest Real Estate

Attending an open house is an exciting opportunity to explore potential homes and envision yourself living in them. However, it’s essential to remember that open houses are also professional settings where proper etiquette is expected. At Lion Crest Real Estate, we understand the importance of maintaining respectful and courteous behavior during open houses. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of open house etiquette to ensure a positive experience for both buyers and sellers.

Respect the Property

When attending an open house, it’s crucial to treat the property with respect and care. Avoid touching personal belongings, opening closed doors or cabinets, or sitting on furniture unless invited to do so by the host. Refrain from bringing food or drinks into the home and dispose of any trash properly.

Arrive on Time

Arriving promptly to the scheduled open house shows respect for the seller’s time and allows you to fully explore the property without feeling rushed. If you’re running late or unable to attend, consider reaching out to the listing agent to reschedule or inquire about alternative viewing options.

Follow the Host's Instructions

Upon arrival, you may be greeted by the listing agent or another representative who will provide guidance and instructions for touring the property. Follow their lead and adhere to any specific guidelines or requests they may have, such as removing your shoes or signing in upon entry.

Be Mindful of Other Attendees

Open houses often attract multiple potential buyers, so it’s essential to be considerate of others during your visit. Avoid monopolizing the host’s time or monopolizing space in a particular room, and allow other attendees the opportunity to explore the property at their own pace.

Ask Permission Before Taking Photos

While it’s common to take photos or videos during an open house for reference later, it’s courteous to ask for permission from the listing agent or homeowner before doing so. Some sellers may have privacy concerns or prefer not to have their property photographed.

Avoid Criticism or Negative Comments

While it’s natural to form opinions about a property during an open house, it’s essential to keep any negative comments or criticisms to yourself. Remember that the seller or listing agent may be present and could be offended by disparaging remarks about their home.

Provide Feedback Appropriately

If you’re interested in the property and have feedback or questions for the listing agent, wait until the end of your visit to discuss them privately. Be honest and constructive in your feedback, focusing on specific features or aspects of the property that caught your attention or raised concerns.

Follow Up with the Listing Agent

After attending an open house, consider following up with the listing agent to express your interest, ask additional questions, or request a private showing. This demonstrates your seriousness as a potential buyer and allows the agent to provide further assistance.

Attending an open house is an excellent opportunity to explore potential homes and gather information about the market. By following these etiquette guidelines from Lion Crest Real Estate, you can ensure a positive and respectful experience for yourself, the seller, and other attendees. Whether you’re actively searching for a home or simply exploring your options, practicing proper etiquette during open houses is essential for fostering positive relationships and making a favorable impression in the real estate community.


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