The Best Christmas Tree Farm in Hamilton, Ontario

Let us help you find the best Christmas tree farm in Hamilton! The holiday season is quickly approaching even though it still feels almost like summer. As soon as Halloween was over, we saw stores instantly transition to Christmas. Now that being said, we’re less than 2 months away from Christmas so it kind of makes sense. However, we know that Christmas can be a hectic time of year for you and your family. Between Christmas parties, visiting friends and family, work functions, etc. it can be a lot. Going out and getting a tree from your local Christmas tree farm does not have to be stressful. It should be the opposite! It should be a day of fun filled with laughter, good cheer and great memories. 

We know that not everyone might celebrate Christmas, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get out and still have fun! Hamilton is so close to so many amazing Christmas tree farms and offers some really fun events for you and your family. A day out at a local Christmas tree farm is perfect for a little holiday fun and destressing. We’ve put together a small list of our favourite local Christmas tree farms in the area. 


1. Watson Christmas Trees

This Christmas tree farm is located just minutes from Hamilton and is on White Church Road in Mount Hope. They are a family run Christmas tree farm that has been around for a while! While you can’t go and cut your tree down this year, they have a great selection of pre-cut trees available including: Fraser Fir, Concolor, Balsam Fir, Serbian Spruce, Blue Spruce and beautiful Scotch Pines trees. They will cut the tree and drill for easy installation in your home. They will open on Saturday, November 26th. They are close and convenient and a perfect way to support a local business this holiday season. 

2. Jingle Bills

We know right? Jingle Bills, we laughed when we first read that too! Jingle Bills Christmas Tree Farm is located just 15 minutes north of Burlington & Hamilton and is focused on the classic Christmas tradition of searching for the perfect tree with friends and family. Bring out the saw and make memories that will last a life time! Situated on 100 acres complete with an elves marketplace, Jingle Deb’s Treat Tent, fire and more. All the trees are grown the old fashioned way and take about 8 years with no additives to make the perfect centre piece for your home. 

3. Kameridge Evergreens

Kameridge Evergreens is a bit more on the Stoney Creek side of Hamilton but is great for those who don’t want to make the trek further west. They are a traditional Christmas tree farm located in the Niagara Peninsula. At Kameridge Evergreens, each tree is planted and pruned by hand.  With approximately 5000 trees in a variety of sizes to choose from, you are certain to find a tree to your liking. Enjoy a stroll in the rolling hills where, with an observant eye, you will find tracks of wild animals such as deer, fox and turkey. Kameridge evergreens offer a variety of different trees including: Balsam, Norway, White and Colorado Blue Spruce. The best part about Kameridge Evergreens is that all the trees are the same price regardless of size. Just make sure you bring cash as they are cash only. 

Finding the perfect Christmas tree is much more than just going out and getting a tree, it’s creating memories with friends, family and whoever you decide to go and get the tree with. It is a great opportunity to go for a drive and experience a classic Christmas tradition. We can always help to recommend a place if you don’t see one around you in the blog. Just get in touch with us and we will always help!


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